Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions
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Nurture curiosity, science & engineering skills with a wonderful introduction to ROBOTICS with LEGO Bricks, Tilt and Motion Sensors, Motors and gears. MILO pretends to be a super engineer lifting tables, dragging and cleaning up spaces. Block coding is super easy and fun while developing creative & logical problem-solving skills!

A Robotics program with a SPACE theme! Think STAR WARS TM and Lunar Landers & Mars Rovers! Have a blast using motors, gears, pulleys & motion sensors to create fun space themed builds! Campers will learn about simple machines like gears to create motion! Problem-solving & logical thinking with block coding!

Make paper planes and rocket craft, colorful straw rockets, balloon-powered rockets, bottle airplanes, parachutes! Lots of educational activities for our Campful of scientists! Daily Hands-on Chemistry experiments like glow in the dark slime. See composition of air by trying a hands-on fun experiment!

Baking is a wonderful way to spark a lifelong love of the kitchen. It teaches kids about the processes of cooking: following a recipe, measuring, combining ingredients & applying heat to create a transformation. It’s messy (and fun!) & the results are hard to resist. Rainbow Cookies, Fruit Tarts, Moon Cycle Cakes!

Learn about Electronics while doing fun crafts. Add LED lights, Motors, Sound to your paper circuits ex Greeting Cards, Papercrafts, Origami projects. Explore the fun world of electronics! Our cool silly circuits with lights, sound, and movement are bound to nurture the campers interest in Electronics!

Practical Chemistry is lots of fun! Learn about the chemistry that you encounter every day in your house. Experiment hands-on with real chemical reactions & test different liquids, salt, vinegar. Create your own chromatography applied Tshirt to take home. What is Electrolysis? Make and eat exothermic ice cream!

You know how to code in SCRATCH. Can you control LEGO Robots from SCRATCH or better can you get your SCRATCH Games to take commands from your physical Robot’s sensors? Build a flight simulator or a racing car game, a target practice simulator and many more fun projects! Think creatively, reason systematically, & work collaboratively.

Make paper planes and rocket craft, colorful straw rockets, fast-moving balloon-powered rockets, bottle airplanes, rubberband gliders & your own custom parachutes! Lots of educational activities for our Campful of aeronautical engineers! A little about the history of flight and fun facts in the world of airplanes and rockets!

Campers learn Robotics, utilizing sensors, gear trains, engineering design, logical thinking & coding, testing and performance, strategy building. This Robotics class is an excellent way to motivate children to get deeper into Robotics while also getting direct goals based outcomes that they can have fun and engagement with.

You see stop motion animation all the time on TV, movies — even if you don’t realize it. This camp offers children ownership & autonomy in the filmmaking process & encourages problem-solving. Kids learn to plan out where a story is heading and fosters iteration & experimentation through trying and testing!

CAD and 3D Printing introduces students to basic 3-D modeling. Primitive shapes, measurement, hollow objects & assemblies. Students learn the tools needed to design exciting projects. Students keep the 3-D printed models that they make! Save all your work and continue learning more!

Young makers explore learning basics of electronic circuits and how electronic components work, which they can then apply to an idea of their own. Students create their project using everyday materials. Students will use breadboards and will learn to build circuits that blink, squeak, tick, and whirl.

This practical Physics program demystifies concepts in Optics (Light as waves, mirrors, lenses, how do lasers work, communication with light etc. with a hands-on learning by making an approach. We build projects like Periscopes, Galilean telescopes, Projectors, Virtual Reality Goggles, optical illusions and much more!

A creative coding exploration class with SCRATCH that allows students to explore how to control Motors, Electronics, react to Sensors from SCRATCH. Can a Tilt sensor allow you to make and play a Super Mario game? Can you make a magic wand that creates colorful magic circles in SCRATCH using the Motion Sensor and Tilt sensor? Control LED lights using SCRATCH and more.

Kids learn to create their own games & fun stories & animations with SCRATCH using “drag and drop programming”. SCRATCH, by MIT, helps young kids to learn to think creatively, reason systematically, & work collaboratively. Color-coded, intuitive drag & drop block programming, as well as sounds, backdrop images, and drawings are used. Get them to code!

A Jumpstart to Coding! Begin with a quick programming orientation using the Eclipse environment. Campers will learn to program using best practices and understand what makes JAVA unique and so powerful. JVM, Objects & Classes, Data Types, Arrays, Decision Structures, File I/O & Graphics are introduced!

Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that`s easy to learn and fun to use. We build cool Graphics & Games during the course. We use IDLE as a development tool as well as common Libraries that help with Graphics and Game building like Tkinter and pygame to explore the power of Python language!

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful platform in one small package. In this class, you will learn how to work with the Raspberry Pi board. Throughout the class, you will learn how to connect accessories to the Raspberry Pi and navigate the software, how to program in Python with the Raspberry Pi. Combining electronics and raspberry Pi, campers will build their own games and controllers.

Ever see sites like Facebook and Instagram and wanted to create something similar? Create your own website using HTML5 and Javascript and amaze your friends. Discover how to make and customize a website to your liking! Learn the first steps on how to make a modern website.

Students learn the basics of making Apps using the App Inventor developed by MIT. If you think there is an app that’s missing on your phone, this class will teach you how to develop it. You can design your own fidget spinner application or make your own mood ring that you can use on your phone. You can develop your own applications/program and put them on the Google Play Store to see what people think about your app!